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Recreating Atari XL / XE floppy disks

  • Posted on: 21 November 2016

There is plenty of free software available for the 8-bit Atari XL / XE computers online in the form of ATR files. These are image files created from the physical disks. A hudge database can be found on Atari Mania website. It is possible to mount these images with an Atari XL /XE emulator like Atari800Win. AtariAge website has an extended description on how to do it. However in this blog I am going to describe how to create floppy disks from these downloaded images so they can run on a real Atari XL / XE computer with a floppy disk drive.

C64 Basic ROM in 27C64 EPROM

  • Posted on: 19 November 2016

A while back I have bought a cheap second hand Commodore 64. Unfortunately it was broken, next to the PLA chip which I have fixed by buinding a custom CPLD version of it, the BASIC ROM chip (901226-01) was also broken. At the moment it is only possible to buy one that is salveged and the ones that I found were around 8 euros. A cheap alternative is to burn your own EPROM version of it.


Apple keyboard M0110A key fix

  • Posted on: 7 November 2016
Apple keyboard M0110A key fix

Recently I have bought an Apple Macintosh Plus. Everything was working except one key on the keyboard. The previous owner just glued it permanently to disguise the damage. The key in question is the "Clear" key. It is not used very frequently, that is of course if you are not a heavy user of the Calculator Application. Nevertheless I wanted a fully functional keyboard, so I decided it to fix it.