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Power Supply Unit (PSU) for the 3D printer is usually a large block that floats around the desk and is not connected to the printer. It is usually forgotten to integrate into the design. If you are lucky you can find mods on Thingiverse, but I had no luck and had to design one myself.

The build of my 3D printer is based on the Prusa i3 Rework variant and includes threaded 10 mm rods on the back of the frame. This gives room to attach various things. I already have filament spool holder and Bowden stepper motor attached to it. On the other side there is still room to attach something else. Great place for the PSU unit.

I have measured the PSU for the correct distance of the attachment holes and used Blender to create the design. First for the lower part of the grip.

And then the lower part, which only had one attachment screw.

This is how the printed parts looked like. You can download the design of the PSU grip on Thingiverse website. You will would need 3x M3 screws to attach it. 2 of them needed to be 5 mm in length, the other one could be 12 mm.

After fastening the grips to the power supply unit it looked like this. I am using 12V 30A PSU unit that I have bought in a Chinese online shop.

It was time to place it on the threaded rod of the printer frame.

As a finishing touch I have added this PSU cover on the bottom for easy on/off operation.