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MSX2 Philips NMS 8250 computer has a build-in double density (DD) floppy drive. There are various sites on the internet where you can download floppy disk images.
For example on Planetemu website you can browse the MSX2 various disks section and "télécharger", as the site is in french language, and it means "download".

A good MSX2 game is Space Manbow.

After downloading and extracting you will get a file with DSK extension. You can of course play it on an MSX2 emulator, like BlueMSX, but it's more fun to get it running on an original MSX2 machine.

Now you are going to need a USB floppy drive. If you don't have one, luckily they are still available to buy. Next you will need a floppy disk image writer. I have found OmniDsk, which still works fine on a Windows 7 machine.


Also you will need a DD floppy disk. If you don't have one, you can cover the second hole of a HD floppy with tape and it should fool the drive that you have inserted a DD floppy disk.


Now format the disk in the cmd prompt (cmd.exe) with the command:

format a: /F:720

When it's done you can write the floppy disk image. Press the Write button in the OmniDisk program's Drive group (or Alt-W) and select your DSK image file. Note, that you will need to switch the file type filter from *.img to *.*

You are ready to insert your floppy into the MSX2 machine and play the game.