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T-modling gives the arcade cabinet that nice finish on the edges. I have chosen bright red that match the joysticks.

After finishing with the t-molding slot, which is covered in part 3 of this blog series, it was time to apply the t-molding on the edges of the side panels. Simply press the t-molding inside the 2 mm slot and secure it with a rubber hammer.

On the corders use scissors to cut out a small piece of the part that slices into the slot.

The t-molding will bend nicely around the corners.

After finishing up the sides I had some t-molding strip left (I have ordered a total of 3 meters), so I have decided to add some to the control panel section in the front.

I have nailed it gently with a hammer to the supporting bar.

This is how it looked after the attachment of the control panel.